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michael andrecht, el monte, CA, 1972 dodge dart 225

My name is Mike, I’m 25 and have owned a ’72 Dart for about 3 yearsnow. There is this haze that always appears on the inside of the windows ofthe car. If I keep the windows cracked some it takes longer for it toaccumlate, but when its hot it happens within a few days. I was wondering ifyou had any clue what this was from and if I could stop it? I’ve changed myheater core and carpet and the skins on my seats but not the foam, andnothing changes! Its starts on the back window the strongest and drives mecrazy. I love my Mopar but I have to clean the windows all the time (or paymy little brother to do it) and I wish i could stop it from happening. Igreatly appriciate you time, sir.

Mike, this is pretty common on newer cars, it’s caused by the outgassing ofall the interior plastics and vinyls. In fact, there’s been some discussionof late as to whether this new car smell stuff is toxic.

On older cars, as you’ve already figured out, the problem is typicallyrelated to a pinhole in the heater core. We’ll assume the new one dosn’tleak, since you didn’t mention having to add coolant every so often. So Ithink what may have happened is that you substitued one gas source foranother: The new vinyl seat fabric is probably the culprit. Wiping them downseveral times with a damp cotton cloth or sponge dipped in water with a fewdrops of dish detergent may help some, but, basically, time is the healer.In your warm locale, the outgassing will be maxed, but the time required forit to cease will therefore be minimized – the fabric is basically, slowly,cooking.



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