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Todd Pharris, New Plymouth, ID , 1973 Dodge Charger 318

My question is about the electronic ignition on my ’73Charger. My 318 has an Accel Super Coil and the stock 5-pin ECU…and it hasproblems frequently! I need to replace it. All replacement units I havefound are 4-pin units, and that includes the Mopar Perfomance units. What isinvolved in converting the wiring and ballast etc., to change to a 4-pinset-up? I’m also interested in converting to a MSD unit. Do they come withdiagrams and such for installation on Mopars? Which system would be preferedfor reliability and simplicity?


On the 4-pin ECU: just plug it in! Simple as that.

Most aftermarket igntiion boxes come with fairly comprehensive instructions,but they do NOT plug in, some splicing / hacking is required. There’s lotsof good ones out there these days: Accel, MSD, Crane, and Holley have alldelivered the goods for us, plenty to choose from there. Even the leastexpensive unit from any of those manufacturers would be overkill!



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