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Rojohn Soriano, Puyallup, WA, 1972 Dodge Challenger 318

Hello again. I would like to know your recommendation on which Sure Griplubricant additive you would use for the aftermarket Auburn Sure Gripdifferential assemblies. I thought this would be a no-brainer (the Moparstuff, of course!), but upon reading the installation manual from the AuburnGear web site, it specifies to use either the Ford or GM lubricant additive
for more information. I’m guessing the Mopar stuff will work just fine,despite what the installation manual says. As always, thanks for your helpand wisdom.

Rojohn, basically there seems to be 2 mfrs. of this stuff. The brands thatcome in small white bottles of a few onces seems to be the best (smoothestoperation). The ones that come in darker colored, larger “squeeze /toothpaste type” type packages of about 6-8 oz. seem to not work as well -chatter, moan.

I don’t think it matters one whit what brand name is actually on thepackage.



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