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brian copley, milton, WV, 84 dodge ramcharger 4×4 318

First, your mag is the only Mopar mag out there with goodtech, humor, and great features. Now the question:

Maybe I am ignorant of what’s going on here, but on my 4×4 with aggresive 36″ tall tires my SureGrip diff. is sometimes not so sure. When needed the most (i.e. i’m stuck)it will send all the power to the spinning wheel, like an open diff, not theone with the traction. I don’t remember having this problem in the past, sowhat is going on here? Thanx for any help. By the way, I think the diff isfrom the 90’s.

Brian, remember, it’s a LIMITED slip diff, not a locker! And, as they age,the amount of slip increases. If yours is about, say, 10 years old, thattypically equals 120,000 miles, which equals WORN OUT.

If you’re doing serious off roading, something like an air locker, TorSen,or Detroit Locker (this one’s not for street) might be a better choice.Otherwise, a rebuild clutch-type sure grip, shimmed up tighter than normal,might fill the bill.



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