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Justin Trusz, Watson Lake, YT, Canada, 71 Chrysler Newport SE 440

Hello Rick,

Me again from up north. Just a quick questionfor you —

I read in a Mopar mag, not sure which one, that pre-1972 Chryslerdisc brakes had a tendancy to come apart at the hub, something about thesebeing pressed together units. My newport is a 10-71, ’bout as big and heavyas they ever got with her being a four door (YES I know the whole thing offour doors not being collectible, too bad, she’s my first true musclecar inMY mind!), and I REALLY would rather not have to worry about the power discsup front coming apart at an inopportune time, especially since both discsare still in top (for a 71) condition. Is this a valid concern or a puff ofsmoke?

Thanx muchly, you guys can expect a subscription from me shortly. Keepthe Mopars Rippin’.


Either you’re memory is faded, or you read some misinformation elsewhere,which, with the dubious quality of what passes for “tech” in some so-calledMopar-like publications, is entirely possible.

The problem you’re referring to occurs on on early unicast rotors – theone-pc. units that were made without reinforcing ribs in the hub area, from1973 to about 1978. Cop cars always had the ribs, as have virtually allreplacements, OEM Mopar and aftemarket, since approx. 1980.

Your two-pc. rotors are immune to this. Your hub is a beefy forging! Therotor is held to the hub by the studs and wheel lug torque (you DO torquethe lugs to 85 ft./lbs. in a star patter, right?) Relax!



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