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Neal Zimmerman, Eugene OR 1963 plymouth belvedere 318 poly

What typically brings on floooding conditions?- My 318 polywith Carter four barrel just started doing the flooding thing, gas smells,long cranking required, super rough idle, generally dies when dropped intogear (Automatic), black sooty patches on driveway, Thanks


This is probably NOT really flooding, which is generally a condition whereraw fuel literally POURS into the engine, usually that’s caused by a stuckneedle and seat in the carburetor. What you’re describing is simply andover-rich condition. On pre-’65 Mopars, this was common – the choke unloadermechanism was a piston-type deal in the carb. The close clearances justneeding a little gumming up to stick the choke almost fully closed. The’65-up external diaphragm fixed this forever.

If I’m right, a good shot of Gumout will fix this up quickly. A pre-emptivestrike of the same, about twice a year, is a good idea.

Other possibilities include:

> Stuck manifold heat control valve (in the open position)

> Clogged crossover passages

> Choke thermostat totally shot

> Stuck choke blade

The above four items would apply also if you’ve updated to a post-1964 carb.



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